Using laroute and Vue together

Following on from my previous blog post on laroute, I went ahead and created a helpful plugin to ease the integration with projects utilising the Vue.js framework.

Introducing vue-laroute. A simple package with a simple purpose. Simply provide your routes, and access them from within your Vue components and templates using the accessor you provide. By default this is $routes but can be changed to avoid conflicts.

From there you have all the routes in your app at your fingertips. For example:

A link:

<p>Let's go <a :href="$routes.route('home')">Home</a></p>

An API request:

axis.get(this.$routes.route('', { id: 1337 }))
    .then((response) => { /* Got Product */ });

To pull in the plugin, simply yarn add vue-laroute and follow the instructions in the documentation.

If you like this plugin, please do star it on GitHub and share.

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