Serving static content in Laravel Valet

A couple of weeks ago I was working on a very non-conventional project where I had to create a bunch of UI components in standard php files like back in the day. My local server of choice is laravel/valet which tries to automatically handle url resolution for frameworks.

However when accessing php files directly, by default it tries to route every request through an index.php entry point so that frameworks and general url rewriting works. So for example I have a directory with various template files such as about.php which pull in standard components to build up the template, but I can’t access this file on the frontend as it just requests the index.php file while the url is requesting about.php.

Not ideal.

The great thing about Laravel Valet however, is that you can create custom drivers that should run depending on the logic you provide. To enable the functionality I wanted, I created a static valet driver. The driver simply looks for a static file in the root of the project and runs. Easy.

Instructions on how to use the driver are included in the readme. Please share and star ⭐️ the project if you found it helpful.

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