Helpful Laravel Valet aliases

Quick post. Just wanted to share some of my custom aliases to aid development using Laravel Valet as your dev server. It assumes a convention of using the mysql service for your databases, and a docker-compose-valet.yml file in the root of your project for project dependencies outside the remit of Valet. Aliases can of course be modified for your needs.

Simply add the following to your .bash_profile, .zshrc or other shell config of choice:

# Valet Up
vup() {
    # Start Valet
    valet start
    # Start MySql
    brew services start mysql
    # If a valet Dockerfile is present, run as daemon
    if [ -f docker-compose-valet.yml ]; then
        echo "👍    \e[4m\e[42m\e[30mValet Dockerfile found, running as daemon...\e[0m"
        docker-compose --file docker-compose-valet.yml up -d

# Valet Down
vdown() {
    # Stop Valet
    valet stop
    # Stop MySql
    brew services stop mysql
    # If a valet dockerfile exists then stop it
    if [ -f docker-compose-valet.yml ]; then
        echo "👍    \e[4m\e[42m\e[30mValet Dockerfile found, stopping...\e[0m"
        docker-compose --file docker-compose-valet.yml stop

If you have any ideas of how to improve the aliases, please do create a PR on the Github repository. Please share and star ⭐️ on Github if you found it useful!

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